Pastor Ron Watkins

Ron Watkins is the pastor of Heritage Baptist Church.  His passion is leading people to develop an intimate lifelong relationship with Jesus Christ, by helping them to understand and draw close to God.  The Scripture reveals God to us and is critical to development of an intimate relationship with Christ.  The pastor usually leads a verse by verse study of the Word of God on Sunday morning, Sunday evening, and Wednesday evening, as well as leading the devotional Bible Study once each month for the Love of Lifers’ group and, as requested, leads Bible Studies in other places such as Assisted Living Facilities, Prisons, High School and College Classrooms.    

Currently, we are studying Matthew on Sunday morning, Jude on Sunday evening, and Isaiah on Wednesday evenings.  We will start a twice a month Saturday Bible Study soon.  Please come and join us as we study the Word of God. 

Pastor Ron has served 3 churches as Pastor, and 2 churches as the Youth Minister. Except for some brief times between assignments, he has served as a minister since 1983. While still a teenager, one of his pastors, knowing he would become a pastor, told him to “read widely.”  He has applied that by taking two or three college courses each year in order to improve his skills as a minister.  

His education includes the following earned degrees: 

     B.S., Texas A&M University, 1983
    M.A., Counseling, Liberty University, 1991
    M.A., Education, New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, 1998
    M.S., Space Systems Management, Webster University, 2008
    M.S., Computer Systems Security, Strayer University, 2012

He is currently pursuing a M.S. in Cyber Security from Utica College in New York and a Masters in Theological Studies from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth Texas. 

In addition, he has studied at the following universities:

    Colorado State University
    Golden Gate University
    Rasmussen College
    The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary
    University of New Orleans
    University of Southwestern Louisiana

Music Director Bonnie Reed

Bonnie has been singing the praises of our Lord Jesus Christ since his heart was first touched with the grace that is everlasting. His love of the traditional gospel hymns and his excitement of newer praises in song makes every worship service a sing-a-long joy.


Secretary Dorothy Richards

Dorothy Richards is the Secretary at Heritage Baptist Church.  She has served the congregation at Heritage since 1986 and has become the corporate memory for Heritage.  Since she became the secretary, she has worked with 3 different pastors, several youth directors and several music directors so she has had the opportunity to help many people as they have served the Lord and the people of Heritage. 

Dorothy is an avid student of scripture and you will sometimes find Dorothy and the pastor discussing theological issues in the church office.  She is the person who creates many of the communications of the church including bulletins and newsletters and is usually the person answering the phone when you call the church office during the week.