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Pastor’s Post – August 2, 2016

In an earlier post, dated June 2, 2016, one of the skeptics arguments against the Scripture involved an assertion that, “The new testament says: Jesus came from a town called Nazareth (numerous references). However, roman papers and other documents have already proved that no town called Nazareth existed until centuries after Jesus' time.”  In studying that accusation, I came across the article below from the Israel Antiquities Authority.     

One of the paragraphs of the article states, “According to Yardenna Alexandre, excavation director on behalf of the Israel Antiquities Authority, “The discovery is of the utmost importance since it reveals for the very first time a house from the Jewish village of Nazareth and thereby sheds light on the way of life at the time of Jesus. The building that we found is small and modest and it is most likely typical of the dwellings in Nazareth in that period. From the few written sources that there are, we know that in the first century CE Nazareth was a small Jewish village, located inside a valley. Until now a number of tombs from the time of Jesus were found in Nazareth; however, no settlement remains have been discovered that are attributed to this period.”

 This seems to indicate the accusation against Nazareth being a village during Jesus’ time has been struck down.  As someone once said, “If archaeology seems to disagree with scripture, wait for more evidence.”

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Pastor's Post - June 2, 2016

I recently read an article posted at

'Why is Jesus Commander in Chief?' Billboard sparks controversy in Colorado Springs

A new billboard in Colorado Springs reads, “Welcome Mr. President to Our AF Academy. Why is Jesus Commander in Chief Here?”

Then I started reading the comments on the article.  There was a response posted to someone going by “Blue” and the posting asked for specifics.  I am not Blue, but I am posting some information to consider in this conversation.  Thank you to each of you who take the time to read it.  The notes by the poster to “Blue” are in Red, and my responses are in Black.   There are also some additional study resources posted in green.

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